Nosey Business

Remember that revolting feeling you got in your stomach, when you went to a restaurant and saw the waiter shoving his entire fist up his nostril, looking for hidden treasure? That unsettling feeling where you questioned every bite of the food served to you.Or that obsessive feeling of disgust, which didn’t let you concentrate on your exam or work, when you saw a classmate or colleague picking his nose?  Worse still, that feeling of horror, if they decided to shake your hand, share your food or even so much as come close to you, after pulling out all the weeds in their bountiful garden.

We have all caught a person in the act at some point of time. Some of us, disturbingly frequently. We judge them and no matter how nice the person is, the impression just does not go away. A few may argue that everyone does it; some do it secretly while others do it openly in public. To this my question is, would you say the same about someone who farts openly and often in public? How is this any different?  If you’re still not convinced, imagine eating someone’s boogers at a restaurant, or seeing them flick it around your workspace, or the fact that the very table and chair you’re sitting on will have a copious amount under it. I have an obvious look of disgust on my face even as I type this!

Interestingly, though I thought of writing this article to express my extreme contempt and disgust for the habit, which should ideally be done using a tissue or handkerchief inside a bathroom and not publicly, my research on the subject led me to finding out some surprising facts.

  1. When nose picking becomes obsessive, and happens for reasons beyond just cleaning one’s nose, it is a disease called Rhinotillexomania
  2. Doctors encourage nose picking and eating  the mucous , also known as mucophagy , as the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria is collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like a medicine. Ewwwww. Gross right!
  3. People who pick their nose often, think others around them don’t notice it

BUT WE DO! And we hate it!! And think it is absolutely nauseating!

Here are some ways nose picking can be hazardous to you :

  1. Threat of being single all your life
  2. Nose bleed
  3. Risk of infection
  4. Unhealthy personality
  5. No friends
  6. Noone will want to share your food or food with you

So if you are one of those who picks their nose in public, please be aware that this is extremely gross for people around you. There are multiple ways you can stop this problem. A few of them are :

  1. Have something else to do with your hands. No, nothing inappropriate
  2. Keep a box of tissues and a hand sanitizer at all times. If you get an urge, just use it, till you gradually stop
  3. Keeping a mirror in front of you and seeing how repelling it looks
  4. Put a band aid on the finger you use to pick your nose
  5. Slice chillies and let the essence remain on your fingers

There are scores of other methods available. So you can pick any one that suits you.

To end on a lighter note, if someone stops the habit but misses it sometimes, what do you call it?

Nosetalgia 😉

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